Monday, January 16, 2012


"Honey Badger Don't Care..."

I got reeled in to watching this off my Facebook news feed and I'm so glad I did! Even on your darkest day just turn on a narrated video by Randall, it should cure whatever blues you may have. With a great sense of humor he attacks the wild life, pop & political jungle! 
The Honey Badger video is set to beautiful classical music, and narrated with Randall's charming whit. It has even been quoted by a sports commentator and his shirts have been worn all across the globe. Before you know it you'll be recycling his quotes, too...
If your children know the difference between naughty and nice words feel free to let your kiddo's join in on the laughter. 
This is my first Mini Movie Review and I'm glad because it's one of my all time favorite viral video series. Be on the look out for his book. It should be two hoots and a holler! Randall is pocket size too for your convenience, he even has apps for your phone.


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  1. From Randall on Facebook --- OMG!!!! I am beyond flattered! Thank you, so much, honey! Love it! =) xoxo ♥