Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love It or Hate It, Valentines Day...

Just around the corner is a day that has a love hate relationship with the world. Growing up with Disney Princesses mentality and wearing rose colored glasses as a little girl and young woman I think I may be a little jaded on the matter now that I have lived a little...even so, I still have a little hope in my pocket for romance. Although I feel Valentines Day is over commercialized and puts what seems to be a price on, "LOVE" 
I believe it's a good reminder to let the people we hold dear know we love them. 

Stay In or Go Out?

-Stay In-

Three Movie Suggestions:

2. Amélie

-Go Out-

1. The Vow - One for a couple.
2. Big Miracle - Two for the kids.
3. Safe House - Three for anyone who rather forget that this day exists to get out and go-go-go...

My favorite movie and dinner all in one spot is at the, 

Three dinner places 
I'd like to check out
fine dining:

1. Mizu - Steak/Sushi  
2. The Melting Pot - Fondue
3. Vivo - Tex/Mex

If you have any questions
on other places to go or things 
to do for Valentines Day
please feel free to email me:

Find me Tweeting: 

Click around on the Blog, the links are yellow for all the movies and restaurants to get a closer look.


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